Billingshurst Driver Training

  Professional driving tuition in Billingshurst

     and surrounding areas. 

Paul Berry. DVSA ADI (car).

I have lived in the heart of West Sussex all my life. I attended the Weald school in Billingshurst, leaving in 1984. My driving life started on motorbikes. I started off on 125cc machines and once I passed my test worked my way up through various sizes of machine until finally after getting soaked and freezing cold once too often decided that it was time I attempted to drive four wheels! I was fairly surprised when in December 1986 I passed my car test on the first attempt.

I soon found the extreme pleasure and freedom that comes from having passed the driving test but had no idea at that time that it would play such an important part in my future life. Having just passed my test doing things 'properly' I was quite shocked to see how many people drove inconsiderately, incorrectly and sometimes dangerously. However, I found myself asking if I was really any better. This question I think really sowed the seed as to how my driving, and later career, would develop. I decided that I should seek to continue to improve my own driving skills. With this in mind I took further training with the Institute of Advanced Motorists and took and passed the IAM test. I then took the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) advanced test. I worked my way up through the RoSPA grades until in 1994 I obtained Gold standard, something I am still proud to maintain today.

I trained to be an ADI while still working full time in a factory. The qualifying process was tough but very rewarding. When I qualified as an instructor I resisted the temptation to join one of the 'big boys' and decided to set up my own driving school. I wanted to be a local business person teaching local people in an area I had grown up in and continue to love very much. These are values I continue to hold on to today. 

I always seek to provide the high quality service that my customers expect and deserve. I often receive very positive feedback about how I integrate with my pupils and conduct lessons and receive much of my work by way of personal recommendation. Over the years I have also taken on a large number of pupils who had started lessons already but were unhappy with their instructor and wanted to start having lessons with me instead. 

I always seek to improve my own driving and think that it is important that if teaching new drivers that my driving should be as good as possible. I always seek to undertake an advanced test or assessment every year to 18 months with groups such as the IAM, RoSPA and the DIA. Through such groups, I have taken what are considered by many as being some of the most demanding driving tests in the country. Doing so also gives me a feel of the test nerves that my pupils have to deal with! 

Fully qualified ADI since 2000. Pass Plus registered. Holder of the DVSAs Cardington Special Driving Test certificate (Grade A 2002 & 2013)

Member of the Driving Instructors Association.

I have passed both the DIAs standard and special advanced driving tests.

I have been a member of RoSPA since 1991 and have taken 12 of their advanced tests. I have been a RoSPA Gold grade driver since 1994. 

I am a non-smoking instructor am first aid trained and a member of Driver First Assist.

I have been a member of the IAM since 1991 and have passed their standard advanced test and two of their Special Assessments, my highest grade being 90%.

Registered with the Information Commissioner's Office.