Billingshurst Driver Training

  Professional driving tuition in Billingshurst

     and surrounding areas. 


Pass Plus (based on 6 hours) - £200.00

Use of car on test - £25.00

                                                                             Gift vouchers available    


Choosing an instructor

There is a lot of advice out there about choosing a driving instructor. Some people feel that going to a larger driving school with many instructors offers some protection. However, the service you receive and quality of tuition will depend on the individual instructor you are allocated and there is no guarantee that you will keep the same instructor. In my experience, many people prefer the personal, local touch and base their choice of instructor on word of mouth; they like to deal with a person, not a big corporate name. I always have a waiting list, which generally varies anywhere from 3 – 6 weeks on average. If you choose an instructor who can give you lessons the next day, even the next week I would wonder why they are not busier! I would expect a decent independent instructor with a good reputation and who provides a professional and competitive service to have a waiting list.  My advice would be talk to your friends and family and try to get personal recommendations; certainly most of my pupils come to me through recommendation. I have also had many pupils come to me from other driving schools as they were not happy with the service they were receiving.  I would also advise that you plan well ahead and book lessons early.

Pricing structure.


My pricing structure is based on giving the best prices to my customers that I can in a competitive market and takes into account that I cover a rural area ( I generally cover over 40,000 miles per year), am fully qualified and have over 17 years experience teaching full time in the driver training industry. Did you know that trainee instructors who are inexperienced and not fully qualified are allowed to charge the same, or even more than a fully qualified instructor? They are not even obliged to make it clear to their pupils that they are not fully qualified.  I do not offer the first few lessons at a vastly reduced price with hidden conditions or penalties, only to then charge more later. My prices are presented in a clear, easy to understand way. Please contact me if you have any particular payment needs.



Intensive training


There are differing views as to what intensive training actually means. Most commonly, I feel most regard intensive training as a one-week course with the driving test at the end. Others see having three or four lessons per week as intensive. I would not offer an intensive course over a few days or a week, as I do not necessarily think this is the best way to learn and it would be unfair on my other pupils who may have to miss out on lessons. That is not to say that a pupil is limited to one lesson per week, far from it; I am happy to discuss a pupils individual lesson requirements. The Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency suggest that the average pupil when passing their test would have had 45 hours with a qualified instructor, along with around 20 hours of private practice; most of my pupils pass in less time than this. Please be aware of any driving schools who offer a ‘guaranteed’ pass; there is no such thing. The Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency’s examiner will assess each candidate individually and only they can decide if a candidate passes or not; if they reach the required standard they will pass, if they fall short they will not.  




I always endeavour to provide my pupils with the professional and friendly service that they expect. However, to protect myself, my business and for the benefit of all my pupils I must, as does any business, have to issue certain terms and conditions. I will send these Terms and Conditions to a pupil in advance and ask them to sign a copy on their first lesson.


Any personal information such as name, postal address, telephone number and email addresses given to me will only be used to provide a requested service, will only be kept as long as necessary to provide that service and will not be disclosed to any other third party without your prior permission or unless required to do so by law. I will not keep credit or debit card details, any details given will be destroyed as soon as a payment is processed.


Unless 24-hours notice is given lessons must be paid for in full. No alternative appointment can be guaranteed.

1. It is the pupil’s responsibility to ensure that they are fit to drive. I will carry out an eyesight test on the first lesson if practicable but it is the pupil’s responsibility to be sure that they continue to meet the current legal eyesight requirements with regards to driving a motor vehicle. Advice should be taken by the pupil if any medical condition is present or if any medication is being taken which may affect their ability to drive. It is the pupil’s responsibility not to be under the influence of alcohol at the time of their lesson. Action may be taken against the pupil if any accident occurs due to a lack of their fitness to drive.
2. I reserve the right to withdraw the use of my car for tests should the pupil prove not to be up to test standards but will give reasonable notice to the pupil so they can avoid losing the test fee.
  1. I cannot be held responsible for postponement of lessons or part of due to ill health, accident, breakdown, adverse weather conditions or traffic delays. In these cases I will contact the pupil as soon as practically possible to advise them. I will endeavour to arrange an alternative appointment in these cases but this cannot be guaranteed.
  2. I cannot be held responsible for postponement of driving tests by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).
            3.    I will advise the pupil of their readiness to take, or when to book, the driving test. This advice will give due consideration to the current test centre waiting list and will take account of my forecast of the pupils potential for reaching the driving test pass standard.


          I have both front and rear cameras recording in my car at all times. Both cameras face outside the car and do not look inwardly towards the pupil. Although the cameras record sound, if I keep any footage for training, educational and insurance purposes, or for reporting incidents to the police, I will in most cases remove the sound. The only exception is where the sound is needed for insurance and evidential reasons. Sound cannot be recorded on driving tests. Any footage I share or publish will not identify the pupil in any way unless with prior agreement of the pupil.


          I must give strict terms and conditions with regards to lesson payments. Please bear in mind that any business has running costs, as indeed does any motor vehicle. I could not expect my insurance companies or petrol suppliers for example to allow me to obtain goods or services without payment. I must therefore ensure that all lessons are paid for on time. My current lessons charges are available on request and if any increase in charges is likely I will give reasonable notice.

          1. Payment for lessons must be made at the time of the lesson unless by pre-arranged agreement- this is the pupil’s responsibility. In the case of pre paid lessons there must be sufficient credit remaining for the duration of the lesson.
          2. Payment will be requested at the start of the lesson. I reserve the right not to take a pupil on a lesson if payment is not available and to later charge for the lost lesson; this includes pre-test lessons.
            3.    Receipts for any payments made are available at the request of the pupil.


          It is the pupils responsibility who take lessons or driving tests in their own car to ensure that the car is fully insured for those purposes, is taxed and if required has a current MOT certificate. Pupils who take their driving tests in their own car should ensure that there are no active re-call notices on the car and that the make, model and type of vehicle is not on the list issued by the DVSA of vehicles deemed unsuitable for driving tests (certain type of convertibles for example). Be advised that if I am asked to drive a pupils own car after a driving test that I do so with third-party cover only.