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Video Equipped- the evolution of in-car video.


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I was one of the first ADIs in the district to use in-car video recording, over 15 years ago and well before dash-cams and high-definition became the norm!  I realised early on how useful in-car video could be for the driver training industry in terms of assisting the learning process, pupil and instructor security and having evidence if needed should any accidents or incidents occur. When looking at some of my footage, it is easy to see which clips are more recent, and which are a few years old! My first system had a VHS video recorder under the drivers’ seat, pretty poor video quality and lots of wires! The dash-cams I currently use are high-definition, very unobtrusive and log speed and location etc; clips can also be downloaded in the car to my tablet to review pupils’ performance. Dash-cams are now allowed to be used on driving tests as long as they are pointing outside of the car and do not record sound. As I have CCTV in my car, I have registered with the Information Commissioners Office.

I use a majority of any clips I keep to make training aids, some examples of which can be viewed to the right. Video footage is a great way to help get a message across and to help explain things. Pupils can also learn a lot sometimes by being shown how NOT to do things!

Video footage can be invaluable if you are ever involved in an accident. I have used footage myself when being the victim of probably the most common driving school accident, a rear-end shunt. I have also caught other peoples’ accidents which has been useful to them, their insurers and the police. I once caught a ‘road-rage’ incident on camera, the footage of which helped the police take action.

I would encourage anyone who witnesses dangerous, inconsiderate or illegal driving to report it to the police via the Operation Crackdown website; video footage can greatly assist in this.

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